M-Parent Calendar

What is the M-Parent Calendar & Handbook

The M-Parent Calendar & Handbook is a full-color, 12-month calendar (August –August) and 2-color, comprehensive handbook with University information and resources intended for parents and family members of incoming students only. The calendar includes important University dates and information about what to expect during your student’s transition to the University of Michigan. Parents and families of continuing students who may be interested in the important dates should review the Academic Calendar online. 


How Do I Get an M-Parent Calendar & Handbook

The M-Parent Calendar & Handbook is provided to families of incoming students during Parent & Family Orientation. 

AUGUST 2019 UPDATE: Due to the size of the incoming class, we will not have leftover calendars available to sell to families of continuing students. We encourage families of continuing students to utilize the online Academic Calendar for information about campus dates. 


Departments or student organizations who wish to purchase M-Parent Calendars may order directly from the Office of New Student Programs using a UM billing account. Email onsp@umich.edu for information on the order deadlines, which are typically in December of the prior year. If you plan to order calendars for your organization, we encourage you to contact us approximately 10-12 months in advance so that you do not miss the order deadlines.