It helped me see that all of the first-year students here are going through a similar situation as me. We are all going through changes, but it’s going to be alright!  We learned some nifty information about the campus and how to avoid troublesome situations, all the while I just kept feeling more proud to call myself a Wolverine.  The program really got my energy going and I was moved.  I want to stand up, speak out, and be heard.  I’m so incredibly ecstatic to say I attend the University of Michigan. – First-Year Orientation Student

The ETC performance was amazing! I think in addition to being extremely entertaining, it also helped to answer some questions that many people may have been afraid or embarrassed to ask. – First-Year Orientation Student

The ETC performance truly made me feel like I was coming “home.” – First-Year Orientation Student

The performers were amazing and I feel like I personally connected with them because of the situations they were portraying. It helped me to realize that literally everyone goes through the same concerns and problems when they come to Michigan, but that there are a plethora of support services here to help with the transition. – First-Year Orientation Student

As an LBGTQ individual, it made me feel safe and supported to see issues openly and positively addressed, and as a social justice advocate I really appreciated the balanced skit on rape culture. The skit was funny and upbeat enough to make the tougher topics approachable, and I really hope that everyone who was listening was actually really listening. – First-Year Orientation Student

I thought the UM ETC performance was amazing. I think it really helped me understand that my transition to college might not be perfect, but that that's okay and normal. The performance definitely helped me relieve a lot of my stress. – First-Year Orientation Student

It presented problems in a realistic yet entertaining way and provided helpful tips on how to overcome being overwhelmed and fitting in here at Michigan. – Transfer Orientation Student

I remember feeling very vindicated in seeing the show; there were a lot of things in the show that I felt that I could really agree with and struck me as being feelings that I was going through right as I saw the show. I was also touched, as a queer person, by the stories of other students. I know that Ann Arbor is a very safe campus, but, I've never felt so welcomed in an educational environment before. I generally have come to expect that not all parts of my identity are expected to be respected, and the UMETC show almost brought a tear to my eye because I can really see myself reflected in this community already. I am so happy to be here.  I believe that during the show, I made my final decision to transfer to U of M a solid one. – Transfer Orientation Student

UMETC showed me I am very welcome as a transfer student. – Transfer Orientation Student

Definitely made me feel more confident and prepared for what was to come (Transfer Shock). I think the whole show really did a great job of emphasizing the importance of preparing for change and a new chapter in our lives. I feel more confident about the transition after knowing more about what to expect. – Transfer Orientation Student

Spectacular performance. I was blown away! – Transfer Orientation Student

They described all the problems a transfer student could have, and explained how to avoid them, which was pretty cool. – Transfer Orientation Student

The entire show was brilliant, but what most stuck out to me was how down-to-earth they all seemed by providing examples from their own experiences, especially with the male solo near the end.  – Transfer Orientation Student

The show mostly reminded me that a transitional phase from a comfortable environment to a whole new life will at first be difficult, but with the help of the various academic resources, organizational skills, time management skills, and community, the transition phase can and will improve. – Transfer Orientation Student

It showed me there are plenty of opportunities to meet caring individuals on such a large campus. – Transfer Orientation Student

Everyone could sing... very well. But it was also enlightening to learn that the fear I have about transferring here and being overwhelmed with the lifestyle change is not uncommon and there are resources on campus that can assist me in the transition. – Transfer Orientation Student

It was so amazing! It clearly depicts the life of an international student, and I really think their suggestions and advice are going to help us out and cope better. – International Orientation Student

It was a very entertaining and refreshing performance that could be one of the highlights during orientation. The performance was relatable and hilarious as well, making me to look forward to become a proud Wolverine. – International Orientation Student

It was entertaining and the actors put up a great show. More importantly, the storyline aimed well to connect with how most international students were feeling. – International Orientation Student