Families of Freshmen

Thank you for supporting your student’s decision to attend the University of Michigan. As freshmen head off to college, parents and family members continue to play an important role in their student’s development and education.

Fall Term & Summer Term Admits

If your student has been admitted for the Fall Term (classes start in September) or Summer Term (classes start June), we offer you a corresponding Parent & Family Orientation Program to provide you with the comprehensive information you will need as you support your student through this pivotal time. Parent & Family Orientation helps families create realistic expectations and offers a great deal of information to assist families and students in making the freshman transition to Michigan. 

Click on the links at left to learn more about the Freshman Parent & Family Orientation offered to families of Fall Term or Summer Term freshmen during June- early August. The Parent & Family Orientation programs are separate from the Freshman Orientation Programs. The information at left is specific to the Parent & Family Program and does NOT apply to the student orientation program. Learn more about the freshman student orientation program.

If your student has been admitted to the Fall Term but is unable to attend the Freshman Orientation Programs occurring between June-early August, he or she will be required to attend the “Final Fall Orientation” program in late August. Click on the “Final Fall Orientation” link at left to learn more about the corresponding Parent & Family Orientation program for Final Fall Orientation.

Winter Term & Spring Term Admits

If your freshman will be enrolling for the Winter or Spring Term, your student will be required to attend an orientation program that begins the day or two before classes start. We do not offer a specific Parent & Family Orientation program for families of freshmen during those two terms. However, parents and adult family members are welcome to accompany their student to the orientation program for the general information sessions. We ask that parents do not accompany their students to the academic advising sessions; this will enable students to build  relationships with their academic advisors on their own.