Families of Transfers

Thank you for supporting your student’s decision to continue his or her education at the University of Michigan. As new transfer students prepare to begin their education at a new institution, parents and family members play an important role in supporting their student through the transition.

The Office of New Student Programs offers Transfer Parent & Family Orientation Programs to parents, spouses, and adult family members of new transfer students. The Transfer Parent & Family Orientation Programs provide information about the University and what to expect from your student’s transfer experience.

Click on your student’s term of admission at left to learn more about the Transfer Parent & Family Orientation. The information at left is specific to the Transfer Parent & Family Program and does NOT apply to the transfer student orientation program. Learn more about the transfer student orientation program.

Spring & Summer Term Admits

If your student will be enrolling for the Spring or Summer Term, he or she will be required to attend an orientation program that begins the day or two before classes start. We do not offer a specific Transfer Parent & Family Orientation program for families during those two terms. However, parents and adult family members are welcome to accompany your student during the morning portion of his or her student orientation program and participate in the general information sessions. We ask that parents do not accompany their students to the afternoon academic advising sessions in order to enable your student to build a relationship with their academic advisor on their own.