Language Department Contacts

Below is a list of languages and their corresponding departments (all phone numbers are in the 734 area code):

Asian Languages & Cultures 764-8286
Bengali, Chinese, Classical Japanese, Modern Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Sanskrit, Tamil, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Classical and Modern Tibetan, Pali, Telugu

Classical Studies 764-0360
Greek, Modern Greek, and Latin

Germanic Languages & Literatures 764-8018
Dutch, German, Swedish, and Yiddish

Latin American & Caribbean Studies 763-0553

Department of Middle East Studies 764-0314
Akkadian, Arabic, Armenian, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Hittite, Persian, Turkish, and Sumerian

Romance Languages & Literuatures 764-5344
French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Slavic Languages & Literatures 764-5355
Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian