Transfer Connections

Transfer Connections

Application for Winter 2022 admitted transfer students can be found here.

Get support from a former transfer student

Gain skills and discover opportunities

Build a support network 

...and gain a head start in your transition into the University of Michigan with Transfer Connections. This program is exclusively for transfer students, and is a separate program from Transfer Orientation. Students must complete an online application and will be matched with a former transfer student with mentoring experience if accepted. This program is designed to help transfer students that enter UM in summer, fall or winter gain confidence to seek resources, access a series of unique social events and skillbuilding activities, and make campus easier to navigate academically and socially. Over the course of the year, a Transfer Connections mentee will learn about summer internship, research and volunteer opportunities, make a plan for success with a caring and supportive mentor, attend social events and study breaks in a relaxed environment and choose from an array of other opportunities to supplement his or her academic life.