University Mentorship Program Staff

The Mentorship Program is supported by various positions: 

Program Director: The Program Director oversees the entire Mentorship program and communicates with other University departments to ensure that Mentorship receives the proper funding and resources for each school year.

Administrative Coordinator: The Administrative Coordinator is a full-time staff member within ONSP who helps support the Program Director, assists with event planning efforts, manages administrative items, and more.

Graduate Student Intern: The Graduate Student Intern is enrolled in a graduate program of study at the University of Michigan. Along with Communication Coordinators, they help plan events and apply their knowledge of higher education to help deliver on our program's mission.

Communication Coordinators (CCs): CCs undergraduate students at the University of Michigan who are paid student staff in ONSP. Under the supervision of the Program Director and Graduate Student Intern, CCs oversee 6-7 Mentorship groups and plan program-wide events during the Fall semester. During the winter semester, CCs assist with program evaluation, program improvement plans, and help lead recruitment initiatives for the upcoming year.​