Fall Wolverine Online Orientation Overview

Wolverine Online Orientation provides students with a smooth transition to the University of Michigan and will introduce you to the University community and the opportunities available to you. You cannot register for classes until you complete all 5 steps of Wolverine Online Orientation. 


We look forward to working with you as you start your journey as a Michigan Wolverine. Wolverine Online Orientation is required for all new first-year and transfer, degree-seeking students. Due to the impact of COVID-19, new undergraduate students enrolling in summer and fall terms will complete orientation remotely.

We realize that an online orientation program is not the same as an in-person experience. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing the best online orientation experience possible. You will have an opportunity to learn about campus, meet with an academic advisor, talk with current students and register for your first semester of classes.  

After you have been admitted to UM and paid the $300 EDR, you will receive an email in mid-May to register with information and instructions to complete Wolverine Online Orientation, including registering for an Academic Advising Date. Please do not try to register prior to receving an email fron onsp@umich.edu with the subject "U-M: Wolverine Online Orientation Information!"

If you have questions about your next steps or the orientation programs, please call ONSP at (734)-764-6413 or email onsp@umich.edu.




Getting Started

The University of Michigan has many online tools available to use by students. Read below for an introduction to these tools and how to access your accounts. Many of these will be used for Wolverine Online Orientation, so getting familiar with how to use them prior to your Academic Advising Date is important! Then, be sure to read the information on this website along with the information in your invite and confirmation emails!


Wolverine Online Orientation uses a learning management system called Canvas. You will also use this system for many of your classes when you get to campus. So, you can use Wolverine Online Orientation as a way to get comfortable with Canvas before you begin classes. Once you have your Uniqname and password set up, you can access Canvas. If you have any technology-related issues with Canvas, contact U-M’s Technology and Information Services for help! There are also many additional resources on how to use Canvas:

Getting Started with Canvas at UMICH

Computer Specifications for Canvas 

Supported Browsers to use Canvas

Using Canvas on Mobile Device (not recommended for completing Wolverine Transition Course or Online Placement Exams)

Accessibility Features of Canvas

Remote Advising Resources

Getting familiar with the different remote University of Michigan tools will help you be prepared for your academic advising activities and other virtual opportunities offered! Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Hangouts/Meet and Remote Office Hours are a few of the virtual tools your school or college may utlize for remote advising. Familiarize yourself with these tools and set up accounts:

Set up your UMICH Zoom account!

Set up your UMICH Bluejeans account!

Set up your Google Hangout/Meet account!

Remote Office Hours


Student Expectations for Wolverine Online Orientation

We expect students to make their own reservations for their Academic Advising Date. Students are responsible for sharing details of their Academic Advising Date with their parents and family members if desired.

We expect that students will create their University of Michigan computing account and password prior to registering for an Academic Advising Date, and will keep this information safe and secure. Students should not share this information with anyone, including their parents and family members, in order to ensure the confidentiality of student records.

We expect students to complete all Wolverine Online Orientation activities. All components of the Wolverine Online Orientation are required and are specifically designed to assist students with their academic and social transition to the University. Students may be required to reschedule an Academic Advising Date if they have not completed the Wolverine Online Orientation and are unprepared to register for classes.

We expect students to participate in their Academic Advising Date with the assistance of the professional academic advisors only, and not their parents or family members. It is our goal for students to build a relationship with their advisors as well as learn the necessary skills to register on their own in future terms. Any parents and family members participating in the virtual meetings will be asked to leave, and students will not be permitted to continue the advising and registration process until parents/family members are not present. We recognize that parents and family members are interested in learning about their student’s academic program. There will be opportunities throughout the summer for family members to learn more about their student’s program of study, and you are welcome to contact academic advising offices if you have questions. However, the Academic Advising Date is an important time for students to connect with their academic advisors without parents and family members present. 

Five Steps of Wolverine Online Orientation

Wolverine Online Orientation consists of five steps:

  1. Register for an Academic Advising Date in Wolverine Access
  2. Complete the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course in Canvas
  3. Complete online placement exams (if required by your academic school/college)
  4. Complete your academic school/college pre-advising and advising activities
  5. Online participation in your regsitered Academic Advising Date, which includes academic advising and course registration for Fall Term courses.

Each step of Wolverine Online Orientation may take several hours to complete so be sure to plan accordingly. The Office of New Student Programs will email you to your UMICH email when regsitration for an Academic Advising Date is open and you should register for a date as soon as possible. 

Steps 2 - 4 should be completed 2 weeks in advance of your registered Academic Advising Date to ensure you are prepared to register for courses. Failure to complete steps 2 - 4 in advance could delay your course registration. 

If you have questions, concerns, or have trouble completing any of the steps above, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at onsp@umich.edu or 734-764-6413.

Wolverine Online Orientation Fee

The fee for Wolverine Online Orientation is $98.00. This will be billed to your student account in the fall, at the time that tuition is billed.


Placement Exam Information

Placement exams in mathematics, chemistry, the Directed Self-Placement for Writing, and selected languages are available online to take prior to your Academic Advising Date. All tests are for placement in University of Michigan courses only. Advisors use the information from the placement exams in conjunction with information from your transcripts and your prior course experience. Students are not expected to study or prepare in advance for the placement exams.

Placement exams are mandatory if:

Please visit Online Placement Exams under the Preparing for your Advising Date link to the left for detailed information about the exams offered.

Understanding the Placement Exam Requirement Chart:

Required = your school/college requires you to take the online placement exam. In the case of languages, if you do not have any experience in a foreign language, you are not required to take a language placement exam. Requirement is only if you have prior experience and plan to continue to enroll in that language.

Not required = your school/college does not require you to take the online placement exam.

Encouraged = While not required, if you intend to continue to take coursework in that subject, you should take the exam

See below = there are specific circumstances that may require you to take the exam, see the notes below the chart.

A chart detailing which placement exams are required by each academic unit. URL to an HTML version is linked.

* College of Engineering students are encouraged, though not required, to take language placement exams. Depending on their score, students may receive academic credit. Students looking to enroll in a language course in their first term should take the placement online in advance. Students who are intending to use the placement for credit should wait until the Fall to take the placement. College of Engineering students who are preferred admits to the Ross Business School are required to take a language placement exam if they have any experience in one (for languages available to take online in advance).

^ If you are studying Performing Arts Technology (PAT) in the School of Music, Theater, and Dance (SMTD), you are required to take the math placement exam. If you are a SMTD student who is a preferred admit to the Ross Business School, you are required to take the math placement exam. All other SMTD students are exempt from this test.

+ If you are studying Piano or Voice Performance, Musical Theatre, or Theatre Performance (Acting) in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, you are required to take a language placement exam. If you are a SMTD student who is a preferred admit to the Ross Business School, you are required to take a language placement exam. All other SMTD students are not required to take a language placement exam, but are encouraged to do so if you have any previous experience with a language.

Accessibility & Testing Accommodations

Students who need to arrange for extended testing time for online placement exams (Math, Spanish, French, or Itailian) should fill out the form on the Testing Accommodation Center to do so. Requests for other exams should be directed to the department of the exam directly. Review the Language Deparment contacts for contact information.

Accommodations made for placement tests may not reflect how those same accommodations will be made during the school year. It is important that students with disabilities contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as soon as possible to discuss your school year needs. SSD can also assist with making accommodation arrangements for online placement exams beyond extended time.

Please contact the Office of New Student Programs at onsp@umich.edu with any concerns you have with completing Wolverine Online Orientation, we are here to help!

Students Admitted to Dual Programs, the M-STEM Academies, LSA Honors, LSA Residential College, or Camp Davis

Dual Admitted Students

If you were admitted to dual programs at the University of Michigan, you will be sent information about Wolverine Online Requirements for both programs. You will only be able to register for an Academic Advising Date with one program, however you will be contacted by your other admitting program to set up an additional advising. This additional advising session may be on a different date then the Academic Advising Date you registere for in Wolverine Access. Please check your UMICH email regularly for information from your academic units. If you need help registering for an academic advising date or you believe your academic unit in Wolverine Access is incorrect, please email onsp@umich.edu or use this form for registration assistance. Below is a guide of which academic unit you will register under, depending on your dual programs:


M-STEM Academies

The M-STEM Academies is a joint program between the College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of LSA (LSA).  Their cohort of students call either LSA or CoE their home college, complete with its own programmatic requirements. As a result they are comprised of two smaller academies aligned with each college: M-Engin (CoE) and M-Sci (LSA). Details regarding the M-STEM Academies program will be provided directly by the M-STEM Academies.

Students in either of these programs should register and complete Wolverine Online Orientation before July 12th, in order to be prepared for the M-STEM Academies program. If you do not see a date available prior to July 12th, please email onsp@umich.edu with your name and UMID number, or complete this form for registration assistance

Admission into LSA Honors and/or LSA Residential College  

LSA students who are admitted to Honors and/or the Residential College (RC), must register for an Academic Advising date on which those programs are participating. If you have already registered for a LSA Academic Advising Date, you may need to change your date in the event Honors or RC seats are not available on your current date. In some cases, you may have to move to a later advising session. Please note: after you accept admission into Honors or the RC, it can take up to 48 hours for your record to be updated. ONSP cannot change your advisng dates until that occurs. This same process will occur in the event you decide to drop from the Honors or RC program and return to mainstream LSA. Again, seats for your current advising dates cannot be guaranteed.

Camp Davis

If you are an incoming student admitted for the Fall term who has been accepted into Camp Davis, your matriculation (admission) term will be changed from Fall term to Summer term by the Registrar’s Office. The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences will then register you for summer term courses. You are still required to complete Wolverine Online Orientation and you will be invited to register for an Academic Advising Date to complete registration for Fall term classes. 


Support and Contact Information

Our orientation staff is readily available to assist you with Wolverine Online Orientation and/or questions about the University. Feel free to contact us at onsp@umich.edu or call (734) 6413. You can also chat with an Orientation Leader if you have general questions about the University of Michigan! Our Orientation Leaders are current students at the University and happy to help! Please note, Orientation Leaders are unable to make changes to your Academic Advising Date, please call or email our office for any assistance for registration for an advising date.

Orientation Leader chat is available Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 8 :00 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Click here to chat now!