Starting college can be an exciting time, yet many students are apprehensive about the various challenges that await them upon entrance. Mentorship aids students in their transition, helps them find their community, and allows them to take advantage of great opportunities that are available to them. Mentorship also helps students build networks with other students, faculty, and staff who can help them make the most of their college experience.

The Mentorship Program connects first-year undergraduate students with upper-level student peer mentors who remember what it’s like to be a new student on campus. Our mentors represent a multitude of majors, backgrounds, interests, and identities. Our Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student (FSG) mentors also donate their time and expertise to help mentees get acclimated to life as a U-M student.

How Mentorship Works

  • Once enrolled, first-year students apply to mentorship via the online application and, if selected, are matched over the summer with one peer mentor (a current U-M student). 
  • This is a voluntary, selective program for first-year students entering the University of Michigan. That means students are not automatically part of the program upon admittance to the university but instead must indicate interest through an application process and will be evaluated for acceptance.
  • Mentorship staff contacts mentees on a rolling basis from July-August to confirm participation and inform them of upcoming events. Once matches are made, peer mentors will contact mentees over the summer as well.
  • The Mentorship Program cycle occurs each year during the fall semester from September to December
  • Mentorship groups are made up of 7-11 mentees (first-year students) that share a peer mentor you'll get to know other students with similar and different interests.
  • Mentees can expect to incorporate mentorship into their normal student life —it's a program designed to make the transition into the University of Michigan easier by offering opportunities for resource sharing, community, and skill-building designed not to compete with other commitments.
  • Program participants also have access to a cohort of FSG mentors.
  • All accepted mentees are invited to meet their mentors and the other first-year students in their mentorship group at our biggest annual activity – Mentorship Kickoff which takes place at the beginning of the semester.

Questions? Email [email protected] and we will do our best to answer them as soon as possible!