We look forward to working with you as you start your journey as a Michigan Wolverine.

Orientation will be a hybrid experience involving both virtual and in-person components for all students. Orientation will cover the many aspects of life at the University of Michigan and campus resources. All steps of orientation are required for new students.

Orientation will have three main components: pre-advising activities and online placement exams, Virtual Academic Advising date, and a one-day On-campus Experience.

We will also offer Parent and Family Orientation on the same day as your On-campus Experience. You can register up to two guests for this event.

You will be invited to register for orientation starting in April. Check back then to learn more about how to select and prepare for both your Virtual Academic Advising date and On-campus Experience.

Learn how to register.

Orientation Timing

Orientation registration will launch in late April.

You will complete pre-advising activities and online placement exams before your Virtual Academic Advising.

You will see On-campus Experience dates based on your school or college and when you begin classes. If you’re starting in the summer 2023 term, your On-campus Experience will be on June 27. If you’re starting in fall 2023, you will register for a date in July or August.