Are you looking to add a flexible service component to balance your career? Hoping to connect with students outside the classroom? Interested in being a guide and role model for students with various interests?

If the answer is yes, we encourage you to apply to be a Faculty/Staff Mentor with the University Mentorship Program!

Read the information below for more specific information about the role, responsibilities, and timeline.

What is the Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student Mentor Role in the University Mentorship Program?

We believe there is enormous value in faculty/staff/graduate student (FSG) to undergraduate student relationships. In addition to our peer mentoring relationships and program-wide events, we strive to show participants how to make meaningful connections with FSGs, how to sustain those connections, and how to expand their networks. This role requires that FSG mentors commit an average of 3-5 hours per month during the fall semester to volunteering with Mentorship. The role involves connecting with program participants, participating in our FSG feature event, committing to attending at least 1 monthly FSG networking session, and attending at least two program-wide events hosted by Mentorship throughout the semester. 

The program lasts for the fall semester only to provide first-year students with support when they need it the most – during their first few months on campus!

A small cohort of FSG mentors is accepted each year from all over the University. All mentors are supported by our staff throughout the experience.

Have questions? Email [email protected]

Why Be a Faculty/Staff Mentor?

We know you’re busy. Here’s why being a mentor can benefit you both personally and professionally. Mentorship can help you to:

  • Stay connected to students in an informal and positive way
  • Be informed about the changing nature, interests, and concerns of current and new students which can help you gain new ideas and perspectives to be applied to other areas of your work
  • Participate in rewarding community service
  • Make a difference!
  • Meet other faculty and staff members
  • Enhance your professional identity
  • Keep updated with events that are happening on campus
  • Receive recognition and incentives for your participation

As an FSG mentor, we would expect you to:

  • Attend the Mentor Workshop in September for supplemental training
  • Attend Kickoff in September to meet program participants 
  • Participate in our FSG feature event
  • Meet with an assigned Communication Coordinator at the beginning and mid-point of the semester to share your experience and observations
  • Commit to being a featured FSG mentor and attend at least one of the monthly networking hours during the semester
  • Attend Mentorship events as scheduling permits
  • Tell U-M friends and colleagues about Mentorship
  • Be available, supportive, and open-minded to first-year students making transition to U-M
Apply to be a Faculty/Staff Mentor

Applications for the fall 2023 semester are now closed. Please check back in April.

Mentor Incentives

Mentorship continues to offer incentives to FSG Mentors to recognize their consistent dedication to the program and for their contributions over the course of the semester. Learn more about these exciting opportunities at the start of fall semester.

Mentors of the Year (MOTY) 

Nominated by Communication Coordinators (Mentorship staff) for exceptional work over the course of the semester. MOTY will be announced and awarded at the closing Winterfest event.

Departmental Recognition
For faculty and staff who have participated in the program, our goal is to raise awareness in academic and professional communities about the work of our mentors! Announcement letters to departments will be e-mailed out during the winter semester to the supervisor you specify on your mentor application.