Transfer Connections is a non-residential Learning Community at the University of Michigan designed to connect first-semester transfer students with upper-level peer mentors who also transferred, are knowledgeable about the University, and can help ease the students’ transition from their previous institution to U-M. 

Mentoring relationships are complemented by a series of program-wide events that provide transfer students with the opportunity to connect with one another, develop key skills, learn about opportunities across campus, and gain exposure to a wide variety of resources and opportunities that U-M has to offer. Transfer students come to campus with an enormous array of experiences. However, it’s not always easy to translate these experiences into the campus culture at the University of Michigan.

As a new student on campus, transfer students face a transitional period of adjustment to the academic, social, and environmental facets of life at U-M. Transfer Connections can help smooth the adjustment period and quickly connect you to the resources and support networks available on campus. ​

Since its inception in 2007, the program has served almost 1,000 transfer students. Through academic, co-curricular, and social programming, Transfer Connections addresses the specific and unique needs of new transfer students.

Transfer Connections is a voluntary, selective program for new College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) transfer students entering the University of Michigan for either the fall or winter terms. All new LSA transfer students admitted for fall or winter terms are eligible to apply and will receive emails inviting them to do so upon enrolling. 

Transfer Connections groups are made up of 12-15 mentees (new transfer students) who share a peer mentor (former transfer student). Transfer mentors contact participants in the weeks prior to the start of the term to confirm their participation and remind them about upcoming events. All accepted participants are invited to meet their transfer mentor and the other students in the Transfer Connections group at the Transfer Connections Kickoff, which occurs shortly after the term begins.

*Currently, Transfer Connections serves only LSA transfer students. Students in other schools/colleges should contact their respective academic services offices to find out if mentoring programs are available.